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Untitled Darkness

Untitled darkness is now available on Xbox Series X|S and PC!

Untitled Darkness is a short game that deals with depression.

Depression can leave you powerless, feeling there is no way to escape it.  While it has you trapped, it only allows you to see its darkness, hiding any light from you.

In the game, you experience someone’s struggle with depression.  You witness how it distorts how they feel about themselves as they struggle to escape it.

There are also 2 different possible endings for you to discover.

This game is basically a re-envisioning of my original game Lost in that room.  Over the years I have gotten better with art, animation, and general game design.  Looking back at it, I felt a need to revisit that game with more mature eyes.


This is a retelling of that game.

The Silence

The Silence is now available on PC and Xbox One!

The Silence is a short game about abuse and how it effects the victim.  It is based on a true story.


In the game, you explore an empty room.  Items that belonged to the character will begin to appear one by one.  When you examine these items, the character will recall a memory. 


In these memories you will see how the abuse affected the character.  You see the emotions they felt and how it slowly destroyed them.


Abuse can tear you apart down to the bones, leaving you vulnerable in the darkness like a plant starved of light.  You absorb any light the abuser throws at you, no matter how small.  That little bit of light is what draws you in and traps you.  For even the smallest amount of light will shine in a room full of darkness.  So you sit there, distorting your body as you grow towards any light.


Some people speak out about abuse, while others march and protest.  Some try to move on but they can’t.  And even though they may be free from that darkness, they are still somehow trapped by it.  So they stay silent.


Who you are does not matter.  Your gender does not matter.  It can happen to anyone, and it does.  I know this because The Silence is my story.


While this happened a lifetime ago, I still struggle with it today.  For me, making this game and sharing my story is a form of closure.  And a big part of that closure is forgiveness.


“Sometimes, the only way to heal our wounds is to make peace with the demons who created them.” - Dr. Ishiro Serizawa

Lost in that Room

Lost in that Room is now available on PC and Xbox One!

Lost in that Room is a short game about depression.


In the game you control a guy in an empty house.  As he explores the rooms, on the walls he will see images of his life's most significant memories.  You witness the depression he suffered during his life, and how he just couldn't escape from it.

To the character, depression was like sitting alone in a room, lost.  Not knowing how to leave.  No matter how hard he would try, that depression just wouldn’t let him leave that room.


I started working on the idea for this game a few months after my failed 1st game project.  The failure came after a 3 year development cycle that left me broken and with no game to show for my efforts.


The depression I experienced left me feeling just like the games character.  I felt like I had awoke in a strange, unfamiliar room with no visible way out.  Trapped with just enough light to see the depression sitting in front of me.  I was lost in that room, and didn’t know how to get out.  I didn’t even try.


Once I finally found my way out of that room, I decided I wanted to give games another try.  After some thought, I decided on making a short game that dealt with depression.  That’s where “Lost” came to life.


While the game itself is not directly about my game developer experience, the character has similarities.  Just like me, he felt trapped by the depression, and like he couldn't get away from it. 

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